When It Comes to Tea Party Poopers-The Question Remains-“Who Are These Guys?”

Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_coloredThe Chris McDaniel’s U.S. Senate campaign demands voters suspend logic in daring to question a multitude of bizarre contradictions.  But that’s exactly what voters should be doing in vetting a new statewide face. He’s a politician who could be representing Mississippi in the US Senate for a long time to come.

As the state senator steps into the national spotlight, the national news media has not been kind to his “Keystone Cops” campaign. Here at home, even those who thought the fresh face had possibilities have now had second, third and fourth thoughts.

In the playbook of contradictory statements, McDaniel seemed to exhibit a primary focus on racially sensitive stories during his stint as a part time radio host. Now those comments are archived and showcased, should they be needed in the General Election, from You Tube to political mail-out cards. But when asked about some of the questionable comments on Hispanics and African Americans, McDaniel vehemently denies any racism overtones.

In my interview with the U.S Senate candidate, he fumbled through a myriad of contradicting statements on key points. In just one, his campaign manager had been up all night handling a crisis of monumental proportions, but he cut her off in mid-sentence for some lesson in ethics right after she mentions Thad’s incapacitated wife. As she frantically tries to inform him of the situation, he nonchalantly informs her he’s going to take a shower, drive to the next event, and then -with a clear head- he will call her. No matter what your political loyalty, the brain demands some organizational logic in asking why anyone would do that.

But it doesn’t stop there. From Melanie’s frantic call around 7:45 am that Saturday morning to the Cochran campaign, to well after 10 am-according to Chris himself-he never calls he to follow up on the frantic call. He is only alerted to the arrest by a news reporter’s question, to which he says he knows nothing about at that time.

One question I didn’t get a chance to ask him is why Melanie said on the voice mail that McDaniel was so upset on Friday night about what had happened? Fast forward passed a litany of bizarre press releases that has created more questions than plausible answers. McDaniel himself during the SuperTalk interview emphatically states that this is a campaign of issues only and not personal attacks. But then when confronted with his press releases, personal appearances statements and campaign ads questioning Cochran’s residency and relationship with his longtime Executive Assistant, he quantifies that as public records and is perfectly acceptable to use.

But wait, there more! After my interview with McDaniel, one that even Morning Cup of Joe called brutal, he goes on Glenn Beck to admonish the “single” individual who committed such a heinous act. Both Beck and McDaniel spent a great deal of the time assuring the audience this was a rogue individual and the Tea Party was not involved. But now as we know, later in the day the Madison County PD and DA released information that a high ranking official in the Tea Party, and others, had being arrested.

Last week ended as it started in the contradictory parade of bungling statements. The candidate tried to turn the focus on the Cochran camp for having the audacity of mentioning and/or using the arrest in his campaign.

Then as to defy logic, Chris McDaniel issued a statement saying the DA cleared him and his staff of any connection. That wasn’t exactly truthful. McDaniel’s misuse of a TV reporter’s phrasing made it necessary for DA Michael Guest to restate to the state and national news media that the investigation is still ongoing.

Finally, there’s one more bizarre contradiction. Even after DA Guest informed everyone that the investigation was still very much active, the McDaniel campaign put out yet another press release with a myriad of “bullet points” on the “Top Contradictory List.”

Believe it or not, one of those “bullet points” was again stating that the DA had cleared anyone and everyone in the McDaniel campaign.

My beloved state of Mississippi was already on the “top of the bad” and “bottom of the good” listings. Unfortunately, I think we’ve just locked up the “How Not to Run a Campaign” to the listing.