Who are you calling a chicken!?

There is a video making the rounds online featuring a particularly prodigious poultry, and it has some folks wondering if it could even be real. While the video does appear to show an animal much too large to be an actual member of its species, everything points to this footage being factual. The Brahma chicken named “Big Boss” apparently resides with his family of abnormally large fowl in Kosovo, but even though his owner has come forward, some folks still refuse to believe that a chicken could ever grow to the size of “Big Boss”.

That being said, you know the challenge of cooking a chicken THAT big is one that can’t be taken lightly. Brahma chicken was the breed of choice for consumption in America leading up to the Great Depression, but they’ve lost favor in the years since the 1930. If you could get your hands on a yardbird of this magnitude, how would you want to cook it?