Wired Differently

Over the years I’ve condensed the philosophical differences between liberals and conservatives down to a belief system from dependency to tough love. Conservatives hold that each person (who is able to do so) should be taught how to fish so as to provide for himself and his family. Those same conservatives, who are by large number Christian, also believe strongly in helping those who cannot help themselves.

Oliver_twistLiberal believe the risk and responsibly involved in the practice of tough love is unnecessary and inhuman. In their world, why risk life and fortune on an angry ocean to cast out your nets when Uncle Sam will deliver freshly cleaned and packaged fish to you. Much like growing a garden in food desert zones is viewed as a primitive solution, so is teaching a man to fish.

Humans seem to be the only species turning back the evolutionary clock. If birds never nudge their young from their nest with tough love, they would be fat and flightless. If many four legged mammals didn’t force their young to stand and walk moments after given birth, they would become food for those who did.

But understand this, dependency has a far greater meaning in the Democratic Party. Most experts agree, and Democrats only whisper this in fear, the Party cannot continue to exist without dependent subjects. If you have any doubt as to their commitment, check the latest headlines pertaining to the increase in immigration, food stamps, unemployment checks, and Federal jobs.