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40 Years Ago Today Miss. Man Still Claims He was Abducted by a UFO

PASCAGOULA, Miss. — Do you believe in Aliens? Forty years ago today two shipyard workers from Pascagoula claimed they were abducted by something. Since it has been one of most high profile claims of UFO encounter in the country. The anniversary of that night made national headlines again Friday.

In several interviews the Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker claimed that night in 1973 they encountered a craft, several creatures levitated out, and took them on board. Both of them say they were paralyzed and unable to move while they were examined.

Parker said that night turned his life upside down. He went missing for several years trying to avoid the spotlight before recently returning back to the Mississippi Coast. Hickson was never afraid to share his story and described the grey, wrinkled skin, crab-clawed creatures until he died in 2011. 

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