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Another Call for Miss. Only Abortion Clinic to Close

JACKSON, Miss.–Another group is calling for the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, known as JWHO, to be shut down.

The Mississippi Right to Life organization points to the recent ruling out of Alabama that closed a Birmingham abortion clinic.

“The Alabama State Board of Health prevailed in doing what the Mississippi Board of Health has refused to do; protect women’s lives from unscrupulous abortionists,” stated Barbara Whitehead, President of Mississippi Right to Life.

The reason the injunction was placed against the clinic in Birmingham was for inaccurate reporting of the number of abortions performed there.

The connection is the same person who owns the clinic in Alabama also owns the only one in Mississippi.

A spokesman for the MRL told News Mississippi that JWHO hasn’t reported even one chemical abortion to the state over the last five years, as evidenced by state records, but has still managed to stay open.  This is completely different than a surgical abortion.

“To report that not one chemical abortion has ever been performed in the State of Mississippi is wrong,” stated Whitehead.  “The abortion facility needs to be in compliance with the laws of our state and it is not.  JWHO has been performing ‘non-surgical’ chemical abortions for several years.”

MHL also pointed out that JWHO still hasn’t been able to obtain admitting privileges to any hospital in Jackson like the law states.

The admitting privileges issue is set to come before a court again next Thursday according to MHL and they say they’d like to see the judge shut the clinic down.

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