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Antifreeze, Battery, and Tires: Get It All Ready For Cold Weather

RIDGELAND, Miss– You’ll need a tune up before you crank up during cold weather. News Mississippi has all the info. 

It won’t be long now before the cold kicks in and that means you’ll need to prepare your car.

“Make sure there’s a good antifreeze water mixture,” says Ridgeland Service Center owner Hal Mardis. He says frozen heater coils can be a huge problem during the colder weather.

“Also, check the battery,” says Mardis, “the seasonal changes can affect the storage of the battery.”

Aside from the antifreeze and battery, you’ll also want to keep the oil changed, the washer fluid clean, and the tires aired up. The cold can mess with tire pressure.

“You want good traction on the tires, for cold and wet conditions,” says Mardis. There’s a trick to checking the tread to make sure your tires are good.

“Take a penny, turn it upside down, Mardis says. Then you’ll stick it in the tread.

“If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you need to replace your tires.”

Here’s the whole interview with Hal so you have all the info you need to prepare the vehicle for the season change:

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