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ON DEMAND | Phil Bryant checks in from the Reagan airport
11:08 am - May 27
Mississippi’s #1 morning news and entertainment talk show. The home of movers, shakers and playmakers. It’s a MUST listen on the way to work and in the office. Start your day smarter, with The Gallo Radio Show.
Gallo takes Elizabeth Warren to school
May 26
It was a bad weekend for Hillary Clinton
May 31
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The REAL fear of Donald Trump is ... his success?
\"Bikers for Trump\" plan on forming a \"Wall of Meat\" to stop inauguration protesters
Everybody loves a Keurig for coffee, but what about a similar contraption for booze?
Gallo gives quick thoughts on how health insurance should be handled
Mississippi\'s unemployment rate is dropping, but 7 counties are doing EXTREMELY well in that category
Senator Roger Wicker joins the Gallo Show to discuss Senator Rand Paul’s amendment that is geared towards replacing Obamacare
Congressman Gregg Harper joins the Gallo Show with an update on cyber security, Trump\'s inauguration, and more..
Full Interview - Mississippi\'s Opioid Epidemic
Mississippi has an opioid problem, and John Dowdy director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and Dr. Randy Easterling joined Gallo to talk about it,
Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden
The legislative session is underway, and House Speaker Greg Snowden stopped by for an update,
Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs joined the Gallo Show
State Senator Willie Simmons joined Gallo with an update on the potential of a \"gas tax\"
State Senator Hob Bryan joins the Gallo Show
Gallo: Sean Spicer is off to a great start as the White House Press Secretary
Nobody can start a segment quite like Paul Gallo...
John Davis, executive director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, joins Gallo
Gallo tells a story that will put everything surrounding the holiday season into perspective
Dr. Carey M. Wright, State Superintendent of Education for Mississippi, joins the Gallo Show
FULL Interview: Dr. Carey Wright, State Superintendent of Education of Mississippi,
Gallo Rewind
Gallo Snippet - Ron Aldridge
Snippet of Ron Aldridge, NFIB, tells the story of an African Hair Braider business and how regulations almost forced her out of business over something very trivial,
Interview with Patti Herrington of Firefly - Part 2
Interview with Patti Herrington of Firefly
Paul Gallo has a major problem with people who say stupid things
Gallo Snippet - Greg Snowden
Gallo Snippet of Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden on the Ed Build contract,
Mitch Tyner Interview on The Gallo Radio Show
Mitch Tyner, Mississippi Chair of Donald Trump for US President, talks about campaigning in Florida and how Trump ended up winning the election,
Interview with Joel Jasper of Morgan White - Part 2
Second Segment with Joel Jasper with Morgan White talks about healthcare in Mississippi plus what changes might be coming in 2017,