OHS Day 25: Pushing Your Limits(Ryno)

Dawn likes to joke that Coach Kilgore and I have a “bromance”, because two days-a-week I get to work out with Coach on my own, but the truth of the matter is, I respect Coach a whole helluva lot. He takes time out of his day to teach me and help me become a healthier … Continue reading “OHS Day 25: Pushing Your Limits(Ryno)”

A Colorful Cast of Characters

The cast of UPtv’s hit show “Small Town, Big Mayor” stopped by the studio to chat with Rebecca Turner about all the Good Things going on in D’Lo. Covering everything from Mayor John Henry Berry’s 95-point plan to improve D’LO to the new disc-golf course at the D’Lo Water Park, the colorful cast of a … Continue reading “A Colorful Cast of Characters”

Rebecca Turner’s Farmer’s Market Fresh Salsa Recipe

Rebecca Turner and Ryno agree. There isn’t much better to go with a cold beer than some good salsa. Rebecca shared her favorite fresh salsa recipe today on Good Things, and just in case you weren’t able to write it down, you can find it right here! Farmer’s Market Fresh Salsa  Ingredients: 4 ripe tomatoes, … Continue reading “Rebecca Turner’s Farmer’s Market Fresh Salsa Recipe”

Mississippi’s First Lady Brought us Cookies!

Mississippi’s First Lady, Deborah Bryant, stopped by the studio today to join Rebecca Turner and in typical Southern fashion, the two women exchanged food with their greetings. Rebecca gifted the First Lady a bag of her Granny Smith’s secret recipe “Nuts and Bolts”, and Mrs. Bryant brought special Mississippi Sugar Cookies straight from the kitchen … Continue reading “Mississippi’s First Lady Brought us Cookies!”

OHS Day 23: Bench Press and a Heavy Bag is SO MUCH FUN!(Ryno)

I have enjoyed several of Coach Kilgore’s workouts throughout the 6 weeks or so of Boot Camp that I’ve been through, so far, and I’m continually surprised by what Coach will throw at me. Today I got a double dose of fun. First off, I “graduated” to the Bench Press, which is something I’ve always … Continue reading “OHS Day 23: Bench Press and a Heavy Bag is SO MUCH FUN!(Ryno)”

The Bacon Brothers on Good Things!

If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Bacon or his band “The Bacon Brothers”, you might not be that unusual, but if you haven’t heard of the other half of the brother/band team, Kevin Bacon, you must’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years. Michael and Kevin Bacon front the Bacon Brothers and have … Continue reading “The Bacon Brothers on Good Things!”

D-Day Changed the World 73 Years Ago Today

The Allied forces invaded the beaches of Normandy on June 6th, 1944, 73 years ago today. The brave men that climbed down cargo nets into landing craft under the cover of darkness tell stories about how some where unworried. They’d been told the Navy and Army Air Corps were going to bombard the beach, clearing … Continue reading “D-Day Changed the World 73 Years Ago Today”

OHS Day 22: Being a Little Distracted Helps(a little)(Ryno)

Today was an even busier day than usual for Ryno, and he was almost running late getting to Boot Camp this afternoon, because he just had so much to get done at the office. Instead of letting work be an excuse, it became a bit of a distraction. If you have someone you are working … Continue reading “OHS Day 22: Being a Little Distracted Helps(a little)(Ryno)”

The Sweet Potato Queen!

The Sweet Potato Queen, Jill Conner Browne, stopped by the studio to let Rebecca Turner in on what it means to be a Sweet Potato Queen. She covered everything from the origin of the Sweet Potato Queens to what it entails when you take part in the St. Paddy’s Day Parade with the Sweet Potato … Continue reading “The Sweet Potato Queen!”

National Moonshine Day

Corn Liquor Pop Skull Stump Juice White Lightning Skull Cracker Apple Pie Mash No matter what you call it, today is National Moonshine Day, and the corn-based whiskey has certainly had an impact on the Magnolia State. Local folklore in Kiln, Mississippi, maintains that infamous Al Capone coveted “Kiln Lightning” and sold it by that “brand” … Continue reading “National Moonshine Day”

OHS Day 21: Coach Pushed Me to My Limit!(Ryno)

Dawn has begun her training for a 5K, so she had the day off from working out with Coach Kilgore and Ryno, and Coach had a bit of surprise in store for Ryno’s workout. Things started as normal as could be expected, but as time wore on and the workout continued, Ryno was sucking wind … Continue reading “OHS Day 21: Coach Pushed Me to My Limit!(Ryno)”