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Bills moving through Capitol today

JACKSON, Miss.- The house moved through their agenda of bills Thursday morning quickly.

In case you missed it here are a few that attracted more attention than others:

HB797, Early Election Laws:

This bill is one of the longest the House has seen. It is nearly 300 pages long filled with code section after code section that would be revised and brought up to date. Rep. Denny presented the bill. During the discussion online registration and early voting were pulled out and made to be their own bills.

I not only addressed election laws, but would require candidates running for election to record all credit card spending in an itemized format that was campaign related.

The bill passed unanimously 120-0.

HB796, Pre-election Day Voting:

This bill outlined the changed for early voting. It would allow for individuals to vote up to 14 days before the election with the county circuit clerk. The early voting period would begin 28 days before the election deadline.

This bill passed with little to no controversy from House representatives.

The House adjured until 1:30 today.

We will continue to update as lawmakers convene.


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