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Bills that Survived Thursday’s Deadline at the State Legislature

JACKSON, Miss. – Thursday was the deadline for bills to gain approval by the house they originated in at the State Capitol. So bills there not approved will not have not chance at becoming law.


Some of the bill that made the cut:


  • Giving vouchers to kids with special needs so they can attend private school programs
  • Creating a group to recommend new education standards for public schools
  • Getting rid of vehicle inspection stickers
  • Making it illegal to text and drive
  • Changing the way state government contracts are handled
  • Increasing the speed limit to 75 mph in some areas
  • Lifting civil service protections from Department of Corrections Employees for one year
  • Protecting the identity of people that are involved in state executions
  • Eliminating subject-area test requirements for high school graduation
  • Forcing more transparency on community hospitals
  • Prohibiting people from voting in a party’s primary runoff if they voted in another party’s first primary

All bills now move to the other side of the capitol for more debate.

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