Rebels unable to solve Arkansas bullpen, fall into loser’s bracket in Hoover

HOOVER — A cleanly played baseball game from his supporting cast could have issued Zack Phillips a more favorable fate, but the left-hander received insufficient defensive play and run support in a 5-3 loss to Arkansas on Wednesday. The Rebels will play a loser’s bracket elimination game against Texas A&M on Thursday morning at 9:30.  … Continue reading “Rebels unable to solve Arkansas bullpen, fall into loser’s bracket in Hoover”

The lies we tell ourselves

Taking on a physical challenge like a boot camp may not seem that life-changing. You might lose a few pounds, and get in better shape – but that’s it right? Not exactly. Three years ago, Fit4Change with Paul Lacoste Sports not only got me into shape, but it changed my life. And it all started … Continue reading “The lies we tell ourselves”

OHS: Get with the program

The Struggle Is Real. This is not just a clever hashtag or saying, it’s a real issue when you’ve set a big goal for yourself, but injury gets in the way. I was really struggling to get back into running this year after hurting my calves, but a sweet piece of advice by my running … Continue reading “OHS: Get with the program”

OHS: The only competition is yourself

I have a confession to make: I am incredibly competitive. Not sure when it was born inside of me, but I’ve always been competitive. I want to be first. I want to win! But the thing you have to learn on your going healthy journey is – your only competition is yourself. (As a recovering … Continue reading “OHS: The only competition is yourself”

OHS: Cross-training is the key to your running success

If you’re going to have a big goal – like train for a half marathon – you’re going to need to do more than just “go run”. There’s a system that helps make that running easier – it builds your endurance and helps your muscles recover faster. Coach Jeremy laughs at me as if this … Continue reading “OHS: Cross-training is the key to your running success”

OHS: Working out in a sauna

Did you feel that steaminess this morning? Shouldn’t it be fall? Why does it feel like August? Didn’t matter, we had a boot camp to get to and before the warmup was over, I was marinating in a pool of sweat. And it went downhill from there. But the good news is – all of … Continue reading “OHS: Working out in a sauna”

OHS: The scale finally cooperates!

I started Paul Lacoste Sports’ Fit4Jackson/Fit4Medicine program two weeks ago, and the first week was TOUGH! Everything hurt – even though I had been running, I hadn’t been weight training. After two weeks (with a day or two off for traveling), I feel much better. Stronger. Ready to kick up my half-marathon training this weekend. … Continue reading “OHS: The scale finally cooperates!”

OHS: Just keep going

I don’t know if it’s getting older or just being stubborn, but my mind thinks I can do all sorts of things – but my body won’t always cooperate. Day two of Paul Lacoste Sports boot camp was a challenge, and I’m already feeling muscles that I haven’t checked in with for a while.

OHS: Fit 4 a new challenge (Dawn)

In 2015, I spent 6 months training with Paul Lacoste Sports and got into the best shape of my life. Now, as I train for a half marathon, Paul asked me to join the team and spend the next 8 weeks with the Fit4Medicine and Fit4Jackson groups that join the fall training. This is day … Continue reading “OHS: Fit 4 a new challenge (Dawn)”

OHS: The new challenge (Dawn)

Did you miss me? I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks as I went through physical therapy for my torn calf. It was incredibly frustrating, but worth the time to really allow my leg to heal. When I finally started running again, more frustration, as I was essentially starting over. Now, things are getting … Continue reading “OHS: The new challenge (Dawn)”

OHS Day 50: The Last Day of Week 14! (Ryno)

Week 14 is a short week, cause Coach needs a vacation before football season gets kicked off, making his life much busier, but we ended the week with a little Tennis Golf. From the big painted M in the end zone of the football field, to the backstop of the softball field, we smacked tennis … Continue reading “OHS Day 50: The Last Day of Week 14! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 49: The First Day of Week 14! (Ryno)

The first day of Week 14 reminded me of a very important lesson I thought I’d learned early on in this Boot Camp. I ate a decent sized early lunch, but besides my grilled chicken sandwich and some steamed veggies, my body didn’t have enough fuel to perform at its best during my workout. Out … Continue reading “OHS Day 49: The First Day of Week 14! (Ryno)”