Mississippi Magic Podcast: Ahead of His Time

In this episode titled- “Ahead of his time, or ahead of his mind!” one of Mississippi’s most colorful characters held the hopes of the entire world in his hands. The Mississippi Magic stories are available on your favorite podcast platform, brought to you by Deviney Equipment. And on this episode, a special message from Bruce … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Ahead of His Time”

Mississippi Magic Podcast – Life’s Defining Choices

This Mississippi legend’s life has been defined by choices made. One of them, more than all the others. If she had not made that one, we may never have heard of her or a song that Rolling Stone Magazine calls one of the 500 Greatest of all Time. The story brought to you by¬†Deviney Equipment, … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast – Life’s Defining Choices”

Mississippi Magic Podcast – Larger Than Life

He was larger than life in more ways than one. Howard achieved success in a category of entertainment that includes very few people in history. His legacy left behind is “Larger than Life.   The story brought to you by Deviney Equipment, the home of Kubota, 51 North in Madison and Deviney Dr. in Jackson. … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast – Larger Than Life”

Mississippi Magic Podcast: Carl Frank’s Mountain

The story of a Mississippian who paved the way for others to achieve their dreams. Plus, it includes a personal story I’ve never shared on air with the audience in over 50 years.   Brought to you by Deviney Equipment, home of the Kubota Dealer with Elite Status for Customer Satisfaction. Spring Deals on Kubota … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Carl Frank’s Mountain”

Mississippi Magic Podcast: Curse of the Widgets

This Episode is titled “The Curse of the Widgets” and it’s the brief story about one of the nation’s most incredible artists. A fellow Mississippian who struggled between choosing between profits and passion. For the last 17 years of his life, passion won. And because of that, we celebrate his works for generations to come. … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Curse of the Widgets”

Mississippi Magic Podcast: Mississippi’s World Championship

Today’s Mississippi Magic Podcast is about an event. It was so big that famous people spent thousands crossing the oceans from overseas or trekking through hostile territory from as far away as New York. And even though the event was the worst kept secret, the location of the event wasn’t divulged until the last minute… … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Mississippi’s World Championship”

Mississippi Magic Podcast – Legacy of Life

In the 1960’s most news coming out of Mississippi during those turbulent times, pertained to the Civil Rights struggle, but not all. This episode tells the story of other headlines that made worldwide news from a Mississippian that captivated the world.     SUBSCRIBE TO THE MISSISSIPPI MAGIC PODCAST FOR FREE: Apple Devices Spotify Stitcher … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast – Legacy of Life”