Pascagoula Mayor Talks Reopening The Economy

Recently, Pascagoula mayor Dr. Steve Demetropoulos made an appearance on The Gallo Show to provide an update on the approach he is taking amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Demetropoulos, who stepped into the political arena for the first time this past February, is wary on opening the economy too fast. “We want to be thoughtful on … Continue reading “Pascagoula Mayor Talks Reopening The Economy”

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst Warns People About Coronavirus-related Fraud

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission announced that Americans have lost over $13.4 million to coronavirus-related fraud. U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst made an appearance on Friday’s episode of The Gallo Show to talk about the fraud issues going on across the nation and how people can take precautionary measures. “We as consumers need to have our guard up, … Continue reading “U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst Warns People About Coronavirus-related Fraud”

Senator Hyde-Smith Works To Reopen The Economy

Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who was recently appointed to the Opening Up America Congressional Group, joined Monday’s episode of The Gallo Show to express the importance of reopening the American economy in a timely but safe manner. “We have got to restart this economy, but we have to do it safely,” Hyde-Smith said. She pointed out the … Continue reading “Senator Hyde-Smith Works To Reopen The Economy”

Mississippi Magic Podcast: Ahead of His Time

In this episode titled- “Ahead of his time, or ahead of his mind!” one of Mississippi’s most colorful characters held the hopes of the entire world in his hands. The Mississippi Magic stories are available on your favorite podcast platform, brought to you by Deviney Equipment. And on this episode, a special message from Bruce … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Ahead of His Time”

Mississippi Magic Podcast – Life’s Defining Choices

This Mississippi legend’s life has been defined by choices made. One of them, more than all the others. If she had not made that one, we may never have heard of her or a song that Rolling Stone Magazine calls one of the 500 Greatest of all Time. The story brought to you by Deviney Equipment, … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast – Life’s Defining Choices”

Mississippi Magic Podcast: Carl Frank’s Mountain

The story of a Mississippian who paved the way for others to achieve their dreams. Plus, it includes a personal story I’ve never shared on air with the audience in over 50 years.   Brought to you by Deviney Equipment, home of the Kubota Dealer with Elite Status for Customer Satisfaction. Spring Deals on Kubota … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Carl Frank’s Mountain”

Mississippi Magic Podcast: Curse of the Widgets

This Episode is titled “The Curse of the Widgets” and it’s the brief story about one of the nation’s most incredible artists. A fellow Mississippian who struggled between choosing between profits and passion. For the last 17 years of his life, passion won. And because of that, we celebrate his works for generations to come. … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Curse of the Widgets”

The Costs Of Education In Mississippi – Shad White

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White joined Paul to discuss what’s going on with the State finances. The Auditors office has released several reports regarding the finances of States education system and found the Mississippi is spending the second most on administrative budgets, rather than in the classroom. Interview with State Auditor, Shad White Segment 1 … Continue reading “The Costs Of Education In Mississippi – Shad White”

Transitioning Into The Governorship

Governor Elect Tate Reeves joined Paul to discuss his transition into the governorship, the inauguration, and more pertaining to his new position. The two also discuss what’s going on in the State, the economy, jobs, and the benefits of the new lottery/sports gambling. Interview with Governor Elect Tate Reeves Segment 1   Segment 2

Mississippi Is Changing – Delbert Hosemann

Lieutenant Governor Elect Delbert Hosemann joined Paul to discuss whats going on in the State government. The two dig into the changes and appointments in the state senate, mental health in Mississippi, small business, and the Mississippi Lottery. Interview with Lieutenant Governor Elect, Delbert Hosemann Segment 1   Segment 2   Segment 3

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science – Germaine McDonnell

Germaine McDonnell, Executive Director for the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science joined Dave Hughes (filling in for Paul Gallo) this morning to discuss MSMS, what it is, who it’s for, and the opportunities the school can offer to it’s students. MSMS is the state of Mississippi’s only public, residential high school specifically designed to … Continue reading “Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science – Germaine McDonnell”

Improving The DMV One Step At A Time

Secretary of State Elect, Michael Watson joined Paul in a brief discussion on his transition into his new role within the state government. The pair discuss several policies that are going to be priorities for Watson as well as the rest of the newly elected members as the transition continues. The two key points that … Continue reading “Improving The DMV One Step At A Time”