Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith Will Return To Mississippi With President Trump

Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith joined Paul this morning to discuss her progress in the senate, the Trump impeachment inquiry, and her plans to travel with President Trump back to Mississippi for a rally in Tupelo on Friday, November 1st. Hyde-Smith believes that Trump’s rally will help garner support for Gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves in the … Continue reading “Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith Will Return To Mississippi With President Trump”

Lucien Smith Joins The Conversation With Election Day Looming

Mississippi GOP Chairman Lucien Smith joined the Gallo Show this morning to discuss the upcoming the November 5th elections which are right around the corner. Lucien and Paul discuss the different elections going on within the state, the absurdity of Jim Hood’s campaign ads, and liberal bias within the Mississippi media. Lucien and Paul both … Continue reading “Lucien Smith Joins The Conversation With Election Day Looming”

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch On Her Move To Attorney General

As election day quickly arises, Current State Treasurer and Candidate for State Attorney General, Lynn Fitch joined Paul to discuss her current campaign, her role for the last eight years as State Treasurer, and the economic growth in the state over her time in office. Fitch also speaks out on the opioid crisis as well … Continue reading “State Treasurer Lynn Fitch On Her Move To Attorney General”

Mississippi Magic Podcast: Mississippi’s World Championship

Today’s Mississippi Magic Podcast is about an event. It was so big that famous people spent thousands crossing the oceans from overseas or trekking through hostile territory from as far away as New York. And even though the event was the worst kept secret, the location of the event wasn’t divulged until the last minute… … Continue reading “Mississippi Magic Podcast: Mississippi’s World Championship”

Mississippi Secretary of State – Delbert Hosemann

Secretary of the State of Mississippi Delbert Hosemann joined Paul to discuss his final days as the Secretary of State, his campaign for Lieutenant Governor, and the upcoming election season. Hosemann also shares his thoughts on education, voter turnout, and tells an enlightening story of Donald Trump Jr. Interview with Delbert Hosemann Segment 1   … Continue reading “Mississippi Secretary of State – Delbert Hosemann”

Standing For Freedom Of Speech

Patriotic Veteran and Director of the Mississippi Justice Institute, Aaron Rice joined Paul to discuss the latest lawsuits that are taking over the State Capitol. First of those lawsuits is a bill concerning a Pro-Life Group, Sidewalk Advocates For Life of Jackson Mississippi. The groups mission is to train, equip, and support local communities across … Continue reading “Standing For Freedom Of Speech”

Rae Andreacchio, A Mother in Mourning

Rae Andreaccio, along with her brother Chris Thompson joined Paul to discuss the viral podcast “Culpable.” Culpable, a podcast produced in collaboration with Tenderfoot TV and Black Mountain Media, is a long form podcast which tells the story surrounding the death of Christian Andreaccio. Rae, Christian’s mother, has been skeptical of the police’s official declaration … Continue reading “Rae Andreacchio, A Mother in Mourning”