The Possible Benefits of Vaping

Bill Wikstrom, President of the MSVAA (Mississippi Vaping Advocacy Association), owner of Vaporized, a vape store with multiple locations in Mississippi and Alabama, and former cigarette smoker, joined Paul to discuss the benefits of vaping. Bill who is a  20 year Army veteran believes vaping can help to free people from harmful cigarettes. Bill also … Continue reading “The Possible Benefits of Vaping”

Vaping, The Newest American Addiction – Dr. Thomas Payne

Dr. Thomas Payne is a professor within the Department of Otolaryngology at University of Mississippi Medical Center, and the acting director of the ACT Center, which focuses on tobacco treatment. Dr. Payne has been instrumental to the field of behavioral medicine, helping many people to get away from tobacco use. Dr. Payne’s most recent challenge … Continue reading “Vaping, The Newest American Addiction – Dr. Thomas Payne”

Gallo Show: New ways Families First for Mississippi is helping you

Families first for Mississippi is opening a new Mississippi Community Education Center in downtown Jackson with the mission to continue to help families across the Magnolia State in new and innovative ways. Check out the interview here!

Connecting public safety with the wider world: the Mississippi Fusion Center

When law enforcement and public safety officials need details on a suspect, a missing person or a disaster situation, they rely on the men and women of the Mississippi Analysis and Information Center, otherwise known as the Fusion Center. The Fusion Center is a hub of information that helps police departments and sheriff offices, as … Continue reading “Connecting public safety with the wider world: the Mississippi Fusion Center”