Lucien Smith on @TheJTShow

Lucien Smith, the Chair of the Mississippi Republican Party, stopped by the studio to talk about the potential risk of a “Blue Wave” in the Magnolia State, with an expected surge of out-of-state activists and agitators swarming Mississippi to fight Republicans. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Tuesday on @TheJTShow

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 Scheduled Guests 10:05 – Katherine Loughead(Policy Analyst for the Tax Foundation)  will join the conversation to discuss why Mississippi’s lawmakers may want to re-evaluate their options for revenue to fund infrastructure.  10:35 – Ann the Reality Queen will stop by the studio for another edition of “Ask Ann”, where you get to ask Ann anything your heart desires(within reason).  … Continue reading “Tuesday on @TheJTShow”

Chairman Charles Busby on @TheJTShow

Chairman Charles Busby joined the JT Show by phone to respond to a couple callers that claimed there must be a conspiracy surrounding Governor Bryant’s Emergency Declaration and the appointment of Cindy Hyde-Smith. If you missed Chairman Busby’s breakdown of why Governor Bryant had to close bridges, you can find it here –

Monday on @TheJTShow

Monday, May 7th, 2018 Scheduled Guests  11:05 – Lucien Smith(Chair of the Mississippi Republican Party) will stop by the studio to talk about the “Blue Wave” that is supposedly coming during the midterms and to discuss that craziness that is the world of Mississippi Politics.  12:05 – Mississippi Outdoors will take over the JT Show for the 12 o’clock … Continue reading “Monday on @TheJTShow”

Gov. Phil Bryant on @TheJTShow

Governor Phil Bryant joined the conversation on the JT Show earlier to discuss supervisors from Jasper and Smith counties suing the Governor for what they say is overreach on his part in closing roads and bridges in their counties. If you missed his response, you can find it here –

Capt. Johnny Polous on @TheJTShow

Capt. Johnny Polous of the Mississippi Highway Patrol stopped by the studio to catch up with JT about what to look out for on the Magnolia State’s highways and byways and to talk about a new study that shows Mississippians more likely to be distracted while driving. If you missed the conversation, you can find … Continue reading “Capt. Johnny Polous on @TheJTShow”

Thursday on @TheJTShow

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 Scheduled Guests 10:05 – Mike Chaney(Mississippi State Insurance Commissioner) will join the conversation to catch up with JT and discuss the goings on of the Magnolia State! 12:05 – Mr. Erich Pratt(Executive Director – Gun Owners of America) will join the conversation to discuss the constant attack on your right to bear … Continue reading “Thursday on @TheJTShow”

George Malvaney on the JT Show

George Malvaney has worn many hats during his lifetime. From being recruited by the Ku Klux Klan after joining the Navy at age 18 and spending time in prison for attempting to overthrow a government in the Caribbean to working with Governor Haley Barbour on the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill and running an environmental … Continue reading “George Malvaney on the JT Show”

Wednesday on @TheJTShow

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 Scheduled Guests 10:35 – Dr. Wes Burger(Dale H. Arner Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management) will join the conversation to discuss Mississippi State’s sweeping the competition portion of the 82nd Annual Mississippi Academy of Sciences annual meeting. You’ll learn more about the MS Academy of Sciences and what this could entail for the … Continue reading “Wednesday on @TheJTShow”

Stopping scams in Mississippi – tips from the Better Business Bureau

John O’Hara, the President of the Better Business Bureau serving Mississippi, stops by the studio to talk about some common scams that are affecting Mississippians. From alarm companies hard selling “upgrades” and “free alarm systems” to eBay scams involving automobiles, and even “neighbor spoofing”. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it … Continue reading “Stopping scams in Mississippi – tips from the Better Business Bureau”