OHS Day 14: Coach Kilgore ratchets up the intensity! (Ryno)

Ryno made an observation to Coach Kilgore as the workout was winding down, that he didn’t really enjoy the workouts, but he noticed he’s got more energy AFTER the workout! If you struggle with staying motivated to workout, just remember, when you push yourself, you make yourself just that little bit better!

OHS Day 14: Compete against yourself (Dawn & Coach Kilgore)

It’s another edition of “Tuesdays with Coach Kilgore” and he shares advice about how to measure your success when it comes to workouts. You should compete with only – yourself. (That makes it a little tough to gauge the Battle of the Sexes, no? He had advice about that too!)

Gunn: I ‘don’t have the authority’ to fire Rep. Oliver, but you do

House Speaker Philip Gunn appeared on The Gallo Show this morning, and talked about the remarks made by Rep. Karl Oliver. Gunn said many people have asked him to fire Rep. Oliver, but he doesn’t have the authority to do so. If you want him fired – you have the power. Related: Rep Oliver: Louisiana leadership … Continue reading “Gunn: I ‘don’t have the authority’ to fire Rep. Oliver, but you do”

OHS Day 13: Week 4 Begins (Ryno)

Week 4 of the Operation Healthy State Boot Camp began in the rain, and Coach Kilgore ratcheted up the intensity, which pushed Dawn and Ryno to their limits. Ryno had to compete with Mother Nature just to get to the gym, but bad weather is no excuse for skipping a workout.  

Rep Oliver: Louisiana leadership “should be lynched” after monument removals

First-term state representative Karl Oliver has sparked a firestorm over his comments on Louisiana leadership after four Confederate monuments were taken down in the city of New Orleans. Rep. Oliver says in his post : “The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow Southern Americans, is both heinous … Continue reading “Rep Oliver: Louisiana leadership “should be lynched” after monument removals”

OHS Day 13: The 5-second rule (Dawn)

Ever have one of those moments where you don’t want to get out of bed, or get dressed for the gym? A minute ago, it seemed like a great idea – but you let too much time pass before you did anything. The 5-second rule aims to circumvent your excuse-maker, also known as your brain. … Continue reading “OHS Day 13: The 5-second rule (Dawn)”

Webisode 004: Operation Healthy State

It’s been three weeks of fitness and four weeks of nutrition changes, and Dawn and Ryno are starting to notice it in their faces. But when it comes to the scale, one of us gets better news than the other. Rebecca Turner says – the number on the scale is not the only marker of … Continue reading “Webisode 004: Operation Healthy State”

OHS Day 12: All By Myself Part 2 (Ryno)

Ryno took to the Boot Camp course sans Dawn again(but she DID get a makeup workout in, so good for her!) and he almost pushed himself too hard. Ryno had dinner plans butting right up to his workout time, and he almost set his pace too high to get finished in time for dinner. He … Continue reading “OHS Day 12: All By Myself Part 2 (Ryno)”

OHS Day 10: Fighting Through Back Pain (Ryno)

When Ryno first tried to get fit a couple years back, he would push himself a little too far and his back would tighten up. Back then, he would’ve taken a day or two off to let his body recover, but that was before he had a better understanding of why his back was getting … Continue reading “OHS Day 10: Fighting Through Back Pain (Ryno)”