OHS Day 22: Challenge yourself (Dawn & Coach Kilgore)

When you start a new fitness journey and you’re all gung-ho – it’s easy to get yourself to the gym, or out on the trail. But there will come a time when you get bored, or you’re just not feeling it. That’s when you have to remind yourself of where you started and how far … Continue reading “OHS Day 22: Challenge yourself (Dawn & Coach Kilgore)”

OHS Day 22: Being a Little Distracted Helps(a little)(Ryno)

Today was an even busier day than usual for Ryno, and he was almost running late getting to Boot Camp this afternoon, because he just had so much to get done at the office. Instead of letting work be an excuse, it became a bit of a distraction. If you have someone you are working … Continue reading “OHS Day 22: Being a Little Distracted Helps(a little)(Ryno)”

The Sweet Potato Queen!

The Sweet Potato Queen, Jill Conner Browne, stopped by the studio to let Rebecca Turner in on what it means to be a Sweet Potato Queen. She covered everything from the origin of the Sweet Potato Queens to what it entails when you take part in the St. Paddy’s Day Parade with the Sweet Potato … Continue reading “The Sweet Potato Queen!”

National Moonshine Day

Corn Liquor Pop Skull Stump Juice White Lightning Skull Cracker Apple Pie Mash No matter what you call it, today is National Moonshine Day, and the corn-based whiskey has certainly had an impact on the Magnolia State. Local folklore in Kiln, Mississippi, maintains that infamous Al Capone coveted “Kiln Lightning” and sold it by that “brand” … Continue reading “National Moonshine Day”

OHS: Dawning of a new challenge

I kicked it up a notch over the weekend with the new challenge for me: training for a 5K. I’m actually going to run two of them – one on July 1 at Trustmark Park, one on July 4 at Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum. In previous 5Ks, I would “train hard” and … Continue reading “OHS: Dawning of a new challenge”

OHS Day 21: Coach Pushed Me to My Limit!(Ryno)

Dawn has begun her training for a 5K, so she had the day off from working out with Coach Kilgore and Ryno, and Coach had a bit of surprise in store for Ryno’s workout. Things started as normal as could be expected, but as time wore on and the workout continued, Ryno was sucking wind … Continue reading “OHS Day 21: Coach Pushed Me to My Limit!(Ryno)”

Navy’s underwater drones could be built on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

Governor Phil Bryant joined us today on The Gallo Show to talk about the Ocean Task Force. It’s a group of business, academic, military and government interests to research and develop underwater drones. Those drones would map and monitor the ocean and it could mean more jobs right here in Mississippi along the Gulf Coast. … Continue reading “Navy’s underwater drones could be built on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast”

Webisode 006: Operation Healthy State

How does it feel to be told you can run circles around people half your age? Feels pretty darned good! That happened this week, along with some “high heel training” for Ryno. Also in this week’s webisode: combat the bad effects of sitting all day, get rid of your #SadBreakfast and wait ’til the end … Continue reading “Webisode 006: Operation Healthy State”

OHS Day 20: Week 5 is in the Books!(Ryno)

Week 5 is in the books and the progress that Ryno has made is staggering. He has lost another couple pounds(unofficially – the next official weigh-in will be next week), and he was able to complete exercises today with relative ease that stumped him on Day 1(although he did push it a little too far … Continue reading “OHS Day 20: Week 5 is in the Books!(Ryno)”

OHS Day 20: Dragging bodies (Dawn)

There was this episode of The Walking Dead once where a woman had to drag herself out of a big hole of zombies. At the time I saw that, I thought – “Goodness, if there was a zombie apocalypse, I don’t think I could rescue myself like that.” On Day 20 of fitness training – … Continue reading “OHS Day 20: Dragging bodies (Dawn)”