Which came first? The Grove or The Cowbell?

Rebecca Turner was getting the word out about a fan-vote you can participate in to determine the greatest college game day tradition, and she asked a simple question – which tradition started first? Did the Grove come first, or was the Cowbell a tradition earlier? To place your vote: Cowbell or The Grove, click this … Continue reading “Which came first? The Grove or The Cowbell?”

#AfterTheGalloShow: The status of the ‘reverse auction’ bill

Senator John Polk covered several topics. First was the Reverse Auction bill that is now in the Senate. This bill would mandate that State Government use (in most cases) as of January 1st this year, a reverse auction process in procurement. He did say that government entities that use this method did not necessarily have … Continue reading “#AfterTheGalloShow: The status of the ‘reverse auction’ bill”

Curling in North Mississippi

The Winter Olympics is the perfect time to get to know a new sport, not popular within our southern cutlure. Curling is a team sport played on ice.  The players take turns sliding rocks across a sheet of ice towards a target just over 100 feet away.   Curling came to Olive Branch, Mississippi in … Continue reading “Curling in North Mississippi”

Chairman Josh Harkins on the JT Show

Senator Josh Harkins(Chairman of the Universities and Colleges Committee) stopped by the studio to talk with JT about the 2018 Legislative session, and the topic of HB1083 came up, with Sen. Harkins pointing out that there isn’t an SEC stadium anywhere that allows the concealed carry of firearms – not even in Texas! If you … Continue reading “Chairman Josh Harkins on the JT Show”

MS State Medical Association Alliance

Prescription Opioid Drug Abuse has become a major epidemic in the United States. Each day, almost 7,000 people are treated in emergency departments for using these drugs in a manner other than as directed. Recognizing that opioid abuse is a national health epidemic, the AMA Alliance, in collaboration with the American Medical Association, is focusing … Continue reading “MS State Medical Association Alliance”

The Legacy

S. P. Brown has been reading and writing from a very early age. His love of Marvel Comics inspired his passion for fantasy / sic-fi novels. Inevitably, this led to a his first novel, The Legacy. He stopped into the studio to talk sic-fi and his book.   Hear the rest of Good Things ON … Continue reading “The Legacy”

Dr. Wright: There are no ‘exit’ exams in Mississippi public schools

Rep. Tom Miles successfully pushed a bill through the House for public schools to drop “Exit Test” requirements for students. We invited the State’s Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright, to explain the reason the Deptartment of Education is against this. If you haven’t heard the reasoning behind this…it may surprise you. Pete Smith from … Continue reading “Dr. Wright: There are no ‘exit’ exams in Mississippi public schools”

UpRoot Mississippi

It’s no secret, Mississippi has some issues with maintaining good health. But there is a collaborative effort going on within the state called UpRoot Mississippi which is bringing over 90 partners together to try and move the needle in terms of better health. UpRoot Mississippi stopped by the studio to share more about the movement. … Continue reading “UpRoot Mississippi”

Another Candidate for Congress

Perry Parker is a businessman and entrepreneur from Seminary that decided to throw his hat in the ring to replace Gregg Harper in the 3rd Congressional District seat. He sat down with JT to discuss why he decided to run, and what he plans to do if he gets your vote. If you missed the … Continue reading “Another Candidate for Congress”

US Attorney: I.C.E. ‘aggressively active’ in Mississippi

If you’re a criminal in the Capital City, you’ve heard the buzz on the streets to watch out for the “law.” US Attorney Mike Hurst says Project Eject that’s only two months old, has already prosecuted 24 bad guys and they are just beginning. The new US Attorney also made news by revealing that ICE … Continue reading “US Attorney: I.C.E. ‘aggressively active’ in Mississippi”

Make A Wish Mississippi

  Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses through the Make-A-Wish Mississippi ‘Wish Challenge.’ A wish come true replaces a child’s fear and uncertainty with happiness and optimism. For many children, it marks the turning point in a child’s health battle. You can go to MississippiWishChallenge.Org to find out more about how … Continue reading “Make A Wish Mississippi”