OHS Day 47: The Sinister 6 Kicked My Butt! (Ryno)

Coach found another use for his Center Mass Bells(which you will get to see him demonstrate them on “Thursday with Coach Kilgore” this week!), and he came up with the “Sinister 6” workout. It involved a circuit of 6 stations with 6 reps(sometimes 12, but I’ll explain), and you had to complete the circuit 6 … Continue reading “OHS Day 47: The Sinister 6 Kicked My Butt! (Ryno)”

Cleanup Of Collapsed Building In McComb Begins

Crews began work in downtown McComb today to clean up the debris left behind after the Sunday afternoon collapse of the Jubilee Performing Arts Center building at the corner of Main Street and Broadway. On Thursday, work should begin on stabilizing the remains of the building so that the downtown area can be reopened for … Continue reading “Cleanup Of Collapsed Building In McComb Begins”

OHS Day 46: Week 13 Begins Sans Beard! (Ryno)

I’m back for Week 13 of the Operation Healthy State Boot Camp, and I don’t have my trusty beard with me! I’m excited to see what Coach has in store for me the rest of the week, but I’ve got to get my diet back in line if I hope to continue to see gains … Continue reading “OHS Day 46: Week 13 Begins Sans Beard! (Ryno)”

Murder at Dinner?

Dinner and a movie is no longer the perfect first date. Try dinner and a murder mystery! The Detectives Comedy Dinner Theatre is an interactive comedic event in which guests enjoy a meal while actors are amongst the audience. As the story unfolds a member of the cast unexpectedly dies an untimely death. It’s up to … Continue reading “Murder at Dinner?”

Reacting to Hugh Freeze’s resignation as Ole Miss head coach

News broke of Hugh Freeze resigning as head football coach at Ole Miss after Head to Head went off the air on Thursday evening. That didn’t stop Matt and Richard from turning the mics on for an “instant reaction” of the news. Here are a couple parts of that conversation, plus audio from the Ole … Continue reading “Reacting to Hugh Freeze’s resignation as Ole Miss head coach”

Thriving on the Big Screen while rooted in Mississippi

When you were a kid did you have dreams of being on the big-screen? Do you have a kid who enjoys playing dress up in their room, acting out their favorite characters? It’s true, that most living room performances don’t turn into actual Hollywood careers, but that doesn’t mean kids or adults should shy away … Continue reading “Thriving on the Big Screen while rooted in Mississippi”

Fresh Savings for Farmer’s Markets

If you’ve eaten today, you have a farmer to thank for that. One of the best places to get fresh from the Mississippi ground food is visiting your local farmer’s market! But, unfortunately, that’s not so easy for all Mississippians, with 1-5 struggling with food insecurity. Good Things guest, Erin Smith, with the AARP Foundation … Continue reading “Fresh Savings for Farmer’s Markets”

From The Palmer Home To The JazzFest Stage…To Pike County?

Wednesday morning, Dave had the pleasure of a visit from Will Rivers, an alumnus of the Palmer Home for Children. After leaving the Palmer Home, he went on to great things, playing with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristoffersen, the Almann Brothers and more, and had the longest tenure as an invited performer at the New Orleans … Continue reading “From The Palmer Home To The JazzFest Stage…To Pike County?”

OHS Day 45: My Last Day of Week 12 (Ryno)

Today, I had another circuit of Center Mass Bell exercises, and I’ve gotta say, they are a lot of fun to work with! During my circuit today, I couldn’t sit the CMBs down, which worked on my grip strength and had some veins popping out on the back of my hand. I will be missing … Continue reading “OHS Day 45: My Last Day of Week 12 (Ryno)”