Mississippi Made Kombucha

Lauren Rhodes is the owner of a Jackson-based fermented foods company, Sweet & Sauer, offering foods, condiments, and drinks that are all teeming with probiotics and enzymes! Lauren stopped by the studio to talk to Rebecca about how she made her way from her home state of Colorado to Mississippi and what inspired her to … Continue reading “Mississippi Made Kombucha”

Family Cat Inspires Children’s Book

There are a wealth of Mississippi women would are learning how to balance work, home life, and their passions to create good things. Dr. Jacinda Roach is a registered dietitian, mom, and accomplished children’s book author. Inspired while grading papers, she stopped and wrote her son an inspiring tale about their family cat, Kitty Prince. … Continue reading “Family Cat Inspires Children’s Book”

A deep-dive into the state of the SEC with commissioner Greg Sankey

The eyes of the sports world were on the SEC this week, and the man pulling all the strings is commissioner Greg Sankey. He and the guys from Head to Head had a lengthy conversation about the state of the league, NCAA investigations, the changing television landscape and the future of the SEC Network, and … Continue reading “A deep-dive into the state of the SEC with commissioner Greg Sankey”

Thursdays w/ Coach Kilgore #1 – 3D Hamstring

You might’ve heard Ryno talking about the 3D Hamstring Stretch and how much he loves it, and now you get the chance to see how you can perform the same stretch at home! “Tuesdays with Coach Kilgore” will now be coming to you every Thursday, and if you have a particular question you’d like to … Continue reading “Thursdays w/ Coach Kilgore #1 – 3D Hamstring”

OHS Day 42: Active Recovery Day (Ryno)

Because I did so well(and pushed myself so hard) yesterday with the 200 rep workout, Coach Kilgore gave me an active recovery day, which simply means a less strenuous workout to help the body heal without your muscles and joints getting tight and stiff. My active recovery included a couple 5 minute rounds on the … Continue reading “OHS Day 42: Active Recovery Day (Ryno)”

Reacting to the Houston Nutt/Ole Miss lawsuit with CBS Sports’ Barrett Sallee

News broke during Wednesday’s edition of SEC Media days and it involves a FORMER Ole Miss head coach filing a lawsuit involving a CURRENT Ole Miss coach. Its as crazy as it sounds. Barrett Sallee of CBS Sports sat down with Head to Head to discuss the suit, and what it means for Ole Miss … Continue reading “Reacting to the Houston Nutt/Ole Miss lawsuit with CBS Sports’ Barrett Sallee”

Pet Food 101: What your animal eats matters.

If you are like me, then your pets are literally an extension of your family and you might be embarrassed if the outside world knew just how spoiled your fur babies are at home. Which means you want to feed them the best food possible, too. Josh Gilmer is a small business owner in the … Continue reading “Pet Food 101: What your animal eats matters.”