Teen Summit 2017

Family’s First understands the challenges Mississippi teens are facing in school. Mississippi teens are stacked up against high rates of bullying, unhealthy environments, and teen-pregnancy and suicide rates. That is why they have come together with other agencies and military branches to host a rally geared to empower teens. You can learn more about Family’s … Continue reading “Teen Summit 2017”

Be Pet Prepared During Disasters

Being prepared for disasters goes beyond batteries, water, and a safe route out of town if  you have pets. There are specific task every pet owner should take before an emergency hits to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their animals. Elizabeth Jackson from Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi stopped by the studio to share … Continue reading “Be Pet Prepared During Disasters”

Captain Johnny Polous talking Labor Day road safety

Captain Johnny Polous from the Mississippi Highway Department stopped by the studio to give an update on what you can expect when you hit to roads of the Magnolia State for the Labor Day weekend! You can find the entire conversation below!

Backpacks are Relieving Hunger in Mississippi

Most of us can’t fathom hearing the last school bell ring on Friday afternoon, and think to ourself, “I may not get another hot meal again until Monday, when I return to school.” For many of the 300K+, young boys and girls who rely on free or reduced lunches in Mississippi, it’s a weekly struggle.  … Continue reading “Backpacks are Relieving Hunger in Mississippi”

Congressman Trent Kelly on the JT Show!

Congressman Trent Kelly(R-MS – 1st Congressional District) stopped by the studio to talk to JT about Military funding, repealing and replacing Obamacare, the Drone Program at Camp Shelby, and even his own personal insurance! If you’d like to hear the full conversation, check it out below!

Hurricane Harvey: How Mississippi Can Help

Hearts are hurting for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Mississippians want to help. But what’s the best way to serve? While there are many ways to get involved with the relief efforts of disasters, one Mississippi non-profit is seasoned at mobilizing thousands of volunteers with the right equipment to help those in need. 8 … Continue reading “Hurricane Harvey: How Mississippi Can Help”

Smart Data in Mississippi

Big Data vs Smart Data: Would you know the difference? NSPARC has a mission to expand the reach of the university to policymakers, industry, and the public. They use smart data, analytical techniques, and high technology to make a difference, such as explaining education outcomes, helping Mississippi attract new businesses, and connecting job seekers to … Continue reading “Smart Data in Mississippi”

A Beef Jerky Bouquet!

Andy Berry, the Executive Vice President of the Cattlemen’s Association, stopped by the studio to talk about one of JT’s favorite subjects, MEAT! He brought JT and Ryno the only acceptable “bouquet” for one man to give another, a Beef Jerky Bouquet! You can listen the entire interview below!

Delta Music Institute

The Delta Music Institute (DMI) is an independent center under the College of Arts & Sciences at Delta State University. With the Grammy Museum of Mississippi within walking distance, they are providing students with a broad and thorough education in the technological, creative, and business areas of the entertainment industries. DMI’s director, Tricia Walker, joined … Continue reading “Delta Music Institute”