OHS Day 27: Frustration sets in (Dawn)

When I played basketball (badly) in high school, our coach was adamant about us wearing flats each day we had practice or a game. He explained why this was the rule and – quite frankly – the reasoning went in one ear and out the other. That came back to me in the last week when … Continue reading “OHS Day 27: Frustration sets in (Dawn)”

OHS Day 26: Back Pain(Ryno)

On the first day of Week 7, I went big on dead lifts and military press, and I didn’t communicate effectively with Coach Kilgore about the tightness developing in my lower back. I blame it mostly on my kinda crazy tolerance for pain, but like you’ve heard us say over and over, you have to … Continue reading “OHS Day 26: Back Pain(Ryno)”

More charter schools set to launch in Mississippi

There are currently four charter school operators vying for the opportunity to launch charter schools in Mississippi. And for the first time, charter schools would be established outside of the Jackson-metro area. “Right now, the state’s only charter schools are all in Jackson,” said Grant Callen with Empower Mississippi. “I’m encouraged to see that these … Continue reading “More charter schools set to launch in Mississippi”

Barber’s murder is another tragedy for the family of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier

The Jackson barber that was killed in his shop Friday was the great uncle of 6 year-old Kingston Frazier, who was kidnapped, shot to death, and left in his mother’s stolen car last month. Johnny Brown was the owner of a children’s barber shop called Just for Kids on Bailey Avenue in Jackson. He was … Continue reading “Barber’s murder is another tragedy for the family of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier”

If You Feel Unsafe Pulling Over

JT got a question about pulling over for an undercover/unmarked police car, and he gave some advice on what to do if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe when you see blue lights in the rear-view mirror. Step 1: Once you see the Blue Lights, if you can’t/won’t pull over immediately, turn on your hazard lights … Continue reading “If You Feel Unsafe Pulling Over”

OHS Day 25: Pushing Your Limits(Ryno)

Dawn likes to joke that Coach Kilgore and I have a “bromance”, because two days-a-week I get to work out with Coach on my own, but the truth of the matter is, I respect Coach a whole helluva lot. He takes time out of his day to teach me and help me become a healthier … Continue reading “OHS Day 25: Pushing Your Limits(Ryno)”

Webisode 007: Operation Healthy State

This week, Ryno makes Dawn a little jealous with his “Bro Workout” with Coach Kilgore. Plus, our Coaches explain how everyone can be a runner if they want to and the consistency you need in your fitness program. And don’t forget to wait until the end – for more bloopers.

A Colorful Cast of Characters

The cast of UPtv’s hit show “Small Town, Big Mayor” stopped by the studio to chat with Rebecca Turner about all the Good Things going on in D’Lo. Covering everything from Mayor John Henry Berry’s 95-point plan to improve D’LO to the new disc-golf course at the D’Lo Water Park, the colorful cast of a … Continue reading “A Colorful Cast of Characters”

Rebecca Turner’s Farmer’s Market Fresh Salsa Recipe

Rebecca Turner and Ryno agree. There isn’t much better to go with a cold beer than some good salsa. Rebecca shared her favorite fresh salsa recipe today on Good Things, and just in case you weren’t able to write it down, you can find it right here! Farmer’s Market Fresh Salsa  Ingredients: 4 ripe tomatoes, … Continue reading “Rebecca Turner’s Farmer’s Market Fresh Salsa Recipe”

OHS Day 24: Actually, yes you can! (Ryno & Dawn)

Positive Mental Attitude. This isn’t just a slogan for cheerleaders, it’s something Ryno and I found HELP when we’re struggling through a workout. Your brain gives up long before your body does. Sometimes you just have to say: “Here’s what I can do…”

Mississippi’s First Lady Brought us Cookies!

Mississippi’s First Lady, Deborah Bryant, stopped by the studio today to join Rebecca Turner and in typical Southern fashion, the two women exchanged food with their greetings. Rebecca gifted the First Lady a bag of her Granny Smith’s secret recipe “Nuts and Bolts”, and Mrs. Bryant brought special Mississippi Sugar Cookies straight from the kitchen … Continue reading “Mississippi’s First Lady Brought us Cookies!”