Thursdays w/ Coach Kilgore #1 – 3D Hamstring

You might’ve heard Ryno talking about the 3D Hamstring Stretch and how much he loves it, and now you get the chance to see how you can perform the same stretch at home! “Tuesdays with Coach Kilgore” will now be coming to you every Thursday, and if you have a particular question you’d like to … Continue reading “Thursdays w/ Coach Kilgore #1 – 3D Hamstring”

OHS Day 42: Active Recovery Day (Ryno)

Because I did so well(and pushed myself so hard) yesterday with the 200 rep workout, Coach Kilgore gave me an active recovery day, which simply means a less strenuous workout to help the body heal without your muscles and joints getting tight and stiff. My active recovery included a couple 5 minute rounds on the … Continue reading “OHS Day 42: Active Recovery Day (Ryno)”

Reacting to the Houston Nutt/Ole Miss lawsuit with CBS Sports’ Barrett Sallee

News broke during Wednesday’s edition of SEC Media days and it involves a FORMER Ole Miss head coach filing a lawsuit involving a CURRENT Ole Miss coach. Its as crazy as it sounds. Barrett Sallee of CBS Sports sat down with Head to Head to discuss the suit, and what it means for Ole Miss … Continue reading “Reacting to the Houston Nutt/Ole Miss lawsuit with CBS Sports’ Barrett Sallee”

Pet Food 101: What your animal eats matters.

If you are like me, then your pets are literally an extension of your family and you might be embarrassed if the outside world knew just how spoiled your fur babies are at home. Which means you want to feed them the best food possible, too. Josh Gilmer is a small business owner in the … Continue reading “Pet Food 101: What your animal eats matters.”

David Magee from The Oxford Eagle

David McGee, the publisher of “The Oxford Eagle”, joined the conversation to give his personal perspective on the ongoing opioid abuse epidemic in the Magnolia State. David has experienced tremendous loss, and a big reason for the pain and suffering his family endured is due to opioid addiction. David’s son William was freshman at Ole … Continue reading “David Magee from The Oxford Eagle”

OHS Day 41: 200 Reps Today! (Ryno)

Today, Coach Kilgore set up a workout circuit that had 10 stations, and I had to complete the circuit three times. When he broke it down, I would be trying to complete 210 reps total in the 3 circuit rounds, and I managed to finished 200 of those 210 expected reps! I continue to exceed … Continue reading “OHS Day 41: 200 Reps Today! (Ryno)”

You won’t believe what this pastor said to the McComb City Board last night

It was a three-hour meeting of the Board of Mayor and Selectmen for the City of McComb last night, but much calmer than the last meeting, with a large part of that time being spent outlining the 2018 budget for McComb. One exception came early in the meeting though, when Pastor Todd Foster of The … Continue reading “You won’t believe what this pastor said to the McComb City Board last night”