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The CDC Teen Behavior Study: It’s Happening in Your State and It May Concern You

ATLANTA, Ga.–Smoking is down, but e-cigarettes could change that.  having sex and less of them are using protection. These are two points from the CDC Teen Behavior Study, released Thursday, hat apply to Mississippi teens, and adults.

One part of the study found that teens across the country are smoking less real cigarettes. But, the use of e-cigarettes was up.

“Use of e-cigarettes is skyrocketing and we’re concerned about that,” said Dr. Tom Freiden, director of the Centers for Disease Control. “We’re particularly concerned with e-cigarettes reglamorizing smoking traditional cigarettes.”

Several Mississippi cities have discussed bans on e-cigs, where you wouldn’t be able to smoke them in public places like restaurants and government buildings, and the CDC study may add more fuel to the discussions.

What if you found out that your teen was sexually active? Mississippi leads the nation in some sexually transmitted diseases, like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

The teen behavior study says that overall, the number of sexually active teens is down, but not as many are using protection.

“Among kids who are currently sexually active, condom use has declined slightly in the past decade, after seeing increases in the 1990s,” said Freiden.

You can read the study here:

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