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Chase in Jefferson County: Man Steals Patrol Car, Shoots at Deputies

PHOTO: Courtesy, Jefferson Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

LORMAN, Miss.–You may have never heard of anything like this one before. In fact, it surprised deputies Saturday morning when a man they had been chasing came back to the scene and started popping off rounds at the officers.

The confounding situation started when Jefferson County deputies noticed Robert Robinson driving like he was drunk and tried to pull him over. WLBT reports when they turned on the blue lights, Robinson sped up and the chase ended when he had a wreck.

His passenger gave up, but Robinson ran. That was about 3 a.m. on Hwy. 61.

A few minutes later, Robinson came back and jumped in a patrol car and sped off again.

He came back and fired at the deputies who were standing there, and some people who were standing there, too.

It was about a half hour later that they found him and put the cuffs on. A deputy told the TV station that he believed Robinson may have been on drugs, and that he had never seen that kind of behavior before.

They found pot, pills, ammo, knives and $2,000 cash inside the wrecked car. Robinson was charged accordingly.

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