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Child Rape Charges Against Former Mississippi Doctor, Once Practiced in Meridian

SPOKANE, Wash.–Child rape charges were filed against Dr. Craig Morgenstern in Spokane, Wash., Thursday after a 13-year-old boy who was spending the night at his house says he woke up to Morgenstern molesting him. The doctor practiced in Mississippi from 2003 to 2007.

Morgenstern was also charged with having child pornography when police searched his home. They found hundreds of pictures of teenaged boys in his basement. There is evidence he drugged his victim.

Morgenstern was practicing as an ER doctor at the VA in Spokane. After his arrest, he was freed on $100,000 bail. The judge later reconsidered and upped the bail to $250,000 and Morgenstern was taken back to the lockup.

When he was in Mississippi, Morgenstern was a Navy doctor, at NAS Meridian. Now Spokane Police are actively seeking any other victims from Morgenstern’s past.

Prosecutors told KREM TV in Spokane that there is evidence of him creating child pornography in 2008, just one year after he left Meridian.

Morgenstern is on administrative leave from the VA and could get life in prison if he is convicted.


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