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Civil Rights Bus Tour Going Around Mississippi

STARKVILLE, Miss.–Mississippi State’s John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development is commemorating the 1964 Freedom Summer this week with a Civil Rights Bus Tour .

The group, mainly made up of college educators, are in the middle of a three-day tour that is taking them to historic landmarks and sites in Mississippi and Alabama famous for civil rights.

“We want to give this generation of leaders and educators the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals who led and made history through their actions during the civil rights era,” said Tyson Elbert, MSU’s EPFP director.

Some of the stops include Philadelphia, Meridian, Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham, Ala.

“For most of the folks it the first time they’ve been to any of these locations,” said Elbert.

Some of the local leaders in each community will be present to share their first hand experiences with group members in each location.


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