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Crime in Your Backyard: Sheriffs Say Drugs the Biggest Problem

WINONA, Miss.–Mississippi has its share of crime and you may have wondered what law enforcement thinks is the biggest crime problem. For at least two Mississippi sheriffs, who patrol one of the country’s biggest traffic arteries, it’s drugs.

Sheriff “Bubba” Nix, of Montgomery County and Sheriff Randy Tucker, of Madison County, both deal with the flow of traffic on Interstate 55 on a daily basis, and both say you may not believe the amount of drugs that comes into and flows through the state.

“The interstate is just a highway of crime,” said Tucker. “There’s no jurisdiction on crime. It’s a major thoroughfare, so obviously you’re gonna have those traveling criminals that we’ve got to keep a watch for.”

And one the major products those criminals bring is all types of drugs.

“We’re gonna always fight that,” said Nix. “It’s hard to get rid of all of it, but that is our biggest problem.”

He said it’s mostly cocaine and a lot of marijuana coming in from out of state.

Nix said that, though heroine has been in the news lately, making a comeback in some places in the country, he hasn’t seen much in his county.

“It comes in cycles,” said Tucker. “We’ve run across two or three cases. All drugs are bad, but when you get into these hard drugs, it can get out of hand really quick if you don’t grab a hold of it.”

Tucker also said he doesn’t believe legalizing recreational pot would do anyone in Mississippi any good.

“I think it’s absolutely ludicrous to even think about legalizing marijuana. I don’t think it has any place in our society.

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