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Deer in the Headlights: Why They’re Moving and You Need to Look Out

JACKSON, Miss.–So you’re driving down the highway. Maybe it’s 55, maybe it’s I-20 or 61 or I-10. Then, a deer on the side in the corner of the headlights. Then it jumps out. That could cost you a lot of money, and even if you have great insurance, a lot of heartache.

It’s happening more and the cooler weather is one reason.

“Think about what happened over the weekend. We had our first frost,” said Chad Dacus, with the Miss. Dept. of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks. “We had a lot of green vegetation that died in the woods, so now they’re really having to start to move for food. That’s why you start seeing them more on the sides of the roads.”

That means they could be moving right out in front of your truck.

“So people riding, especially in places where you’ve seen deer, be careful late in the evenings and the early mornings,” said Dacus.

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