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He Didn’t Go Down Without A Fight.. Supreme Court Rules to Dismiss McDaniel’s Challenge

JACKSON, Miss–Late is late, says the Supreme Court on Friday.

It’s a movement that upholds the dismissal of McDaniel’s challenge of the June 24th Republican run-off against Thad Cochran that was filed after the Kellum deadline passed.

A run-off election was held for Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel on June 24th. When the results came in, McDaniel said he wasn’t backing down; he wanted to make sure the election was won by Republicans, not Democrats.

The challenge wasn’t heard, because it was filed late, according to the Mississippi GOP. McDaniel followed that up with a lawsuit.

The case then went to Jones County court, with Judge Hollis McGehee presiding. After hearing both sides argue over the technicalities of Kellum’s Law, Judge McGehee announced two days later that he was dismissing the case.

That’s when McDaniel took it to the Supreme Court. The hearing there lasted one hour, with both sides arguing again, whether Kellum’s Law of filing the challenge in 20 days still stands. On Friday the Supreme Court ruled that it does stand, and Chris McDaniel’s case was dismissed yet again.

Here is the decision for you to read over.

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