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Dogs Saved from Puppy Mills Available for Adoption

Photo: HSSM Facebook

GULFPORT, Miss.- Over 100 small breed dogs were saved from two North Mississippi puppy mills last month. After weeks of care and bringing the dogs back to health, they are available for adoption.

All adoptions will be first come, first serve Nov. 14, starting at 10 a.m. Adoption fees are $175.

The dogs were rescued by the Humane Society of South Mississippi after finding the dogs living in complete filth at two puppy mills in Corinth.

Krystyna Schmitt Marketing Specialist for HSSM described the living conditions of the first puppy mill, “It was basically a barn and an out building and a bunch of rabbit hutches, wire bottoms so all the waste could fall out without being cleaned. There was a layer of maggots under the cages.”

The second puppy mill the dogs were rescued from was just as bad. “It was described to me as worse than anything you would see on the show Hoarders,” Schmitt said.

The dogs have been under evaluation by HSSM staff and volunteers for 10 days to prepare them for adoption.

The dogs have now all been examined by a veterinarian and approved for adoption. HSSM will place 60 to 70 of the rescued dogs up for adoption Nov. 14 in addition to the 160 dogs being housed at HSSM and searching for homes. The remaining dogs have been placed into experienced foster homes while they recover from extensive medical issues or until their puppies grow big enough to be adopted.

The dogs that will be made available for adoption are relatively healthy and have all been vaccinated and treated for any existing medical issues, HSSM said.

Schmitt said, “The dogs are really doing great. They’re coming out of their shells as far as behavior. They’re relatively social as far as what we’ve seen from the past from puppy mills.”

Pictures of most of the rescued dogs can be found on HSSM’s Facebook page at A photo ID is required to adopt.

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