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Drugs in Mississippi: Heroin Busts Earlier This Week May Be Reflection in National Trend

PEARL, Miss.–In November, police in Pearl made what they believe to be the largest heroin bust ever in Mississippi history when 20 bundles of pure white heroin were found hidden in a car. Just this week there were at least two heroin busts, in opposite parts of the state. One was in Hattiesburg and the other in New Albany. The Mississippi busts may be part of a national trend in heroin use.

“About 680,000 people reported that they had used heroin in the past year. That’s almost a doubling since 2002,” said Dr. Peter Delaney, of the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

“We’re seeing a rise in heroin use across the United States.”

Delaney said a new study shows that more people are using, so more people need help.

“We see a continuing need for both treatment and prevention programs.”

Heroin use may be up in Mississippi because people find it easier to get, with less danger of arrest, than prescription pills.

Heroin is an opiate and an overdose can kill you.

“It is especially dangerous when combined with other drugs like alcohol, marijuana or prescription-type opiates,” said Delaney.


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