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Ebola Scares in Mississippi: Three Hospitals Have Scares This Week, No Ebola Here

VICKSBURG, Miss.–A person walked in to River Region Medical Center in Vicksburg Monday, saying they had had contact with a person who recently got back from West Africa. That person was one of three in Mississippi this week who were scared they might have Ebola.

It is very unlikely that anyone in Mississippi has the dangerous disease, said state epidemiologist, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, but the state does have procedures in place, just in case.

For the person in Vicksburg, it was an immediate quarantine to check for the symptoms and the risk factors.

“Today, a patient in our Emergency Department reported having been in contact with an individual who had recently traveled from West Africa. In accordance with the CDC’s guidelines, the patient was immediately isolated and the hospital contacted the Department of Health,” said a statement from the hospital.

“Following a careful and thorough review of the patient’s symptoms and risk factors, the Department of Health and the CDC have determined that this patient does not require testing for Ebola. The hospital appreciates the fast response of public health authorities and we are pleased that our staff and processes worked to appropriately assess the patient’s condition. Although we believe it is highly unlikely there would be an Ebola case in our community, we remain alert and ready to provide care, if necessary.”

It was pretty much the same situation for two other people. One told doctors at North Miss. Medical Center in Tupelo that they feared they had Ebola, according to a report from TV station WLBT. That turned out to be a false alarm.

So did another happening Sunday night at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where Ebola patients would potentially be treated in the state.

Your local hospital also has guidelines to follow, which include a screening with questions to determine the risk factor and a checklist of symptoms.

“River Region Medical Center is following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the appropriate screening of any patient who may come to our Emergency Department exhibiting symptoms that could be associated with Ebola,” said the Vicksburg hospital.

You can visit to learn more about Ebola, the symptoms and what your hospital will do if someone believes they are at risk.

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