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Escaped convict suspected to be intruder shot dead after break in

VICKSBURG, Miss.- Vicksburg police confirm that  they believe Rafael McCloud was shot dead after a home invasion. 

McCloud escaped from Warren County Jail on March 2nd after holding a guard captive with a shank he made. He stole the guards uniform, car keys and radio and escaped.

He decided to break into a home and take the family hostage. He tied up the husband and wife and stabbed the husband. However, this family was not one to be reckoned with. The man got free, grabbing his gun, and shooting McCloud to death.

The husband was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. His wife and child were also in the house and were not harmed.

McCloud was serving time for murdering Sharon Wilson in 2015. Her body was found by ghost hunters in the abandoned Kuhn Hospital in Vicksburg.

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