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FAA potentially changing leadership

Jackson Mississippi airport
Photo Courtesy of Jackson Municipal Airport Authority

The Federal Aviation Administration may be changing leadership.

Austin Barber with Clearwater group says big name airlines have a hand in this possible change.

“FedEx, UPS, American airlines, a lot of the larger airline groups and commercial airline groups, if you look at this from a 40,000 foot perspective, all they simply want to do is take the functions of the air traffic control system and privatize it,” said Barber.

Looking forward, Barber says that the proposed system would allow for higher efficiency.

“Let’s do it,” said Barber. “Let’s figure out a better way to set up a system that allows for more efficiency, more flights for places like Jackson Mississippi, smaller airports like Tupelo, and obviously less delays.”

Barber says that congress is currently in the middle of a heated debate on the subject.

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