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Family Robbed at Gunpoint by Four Men

JACKSON, Miss.- Robbed at gunpoint by four black men at their home in Jackson made for one frightening Thursday night for this family. After the family returned home after closing their restaurant, a family member was approached on their porch by one of the robbers and forced them into the home.

One family member grabbed a pistol after hearing the ruckus outside, but the four robbers were able to get it away from him and then hit him in the head after taking the guys pistol.

The robbers took cash, credit cards, cellphones and the store keys. They also stole a blue Toyota minivan. Police later found the minivan on Trinity Street in Jackson after the robbers abandoned it.

WAPT reported, the robbers are between 17 and 20 years old. They were each armed with long hand guns, according to the victims.

One wore a blue baseball cap and dressed in black. He is about 6 feet tall.

Another robber is described as wearing a zip-up jacket with brown jeans. He has medium complexion.

A third robber wore gray shorts and a white shirt. He had a low haircut, medium complexion and stood about 6 feet tall.

The fourth robber is described as wearing all black and standing about 6 feet tall. He has dark complexion.

Police need your help finding these men. If you have any information on their whereabouts contact the Jackson Police Department.

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