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Father honors son’s life after opioid death

Opioid addiction, is affecting every generation, social class and race as the epidemic spreads across the state.

David Magee is a journalist and has recently chosen to speak out about his son’s death and the struggles that his son faced during his battle with drug addiction in college.

Magee is working with high schools and colleges across the state to help inform young people of the dangers of opioid abuse.

“I think my advantage is that I am able to talk to them honestly,” said Magee. “I know what’s going on here and we need to try to find ways to stop this and turn the tide and also make it so that students that get in trouble, or feel like they are in over their head, understand and know of places that they can turn to for help.”

Magee continued.

“One of my sons bigger problems was marijuana and he told me it’s not what marijuana used to be,” said Magee.

Magee went on saying that dealers will add heroin and cocaine into the marijuana to keep the people coming back for more.

“So many young people think that they are just going to have some fun, but they can’t get back out of it.”

He says that many students don’t even consider themselves as having a problem.

“A lot of what students are abusing, they don’t feel like it is abuse because it comes in a pill that came from a pharmacy that was prescribed somewhere by a doctor,” said Magee. “The reality is though, it is just as destructive, maybe more so.”


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