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Former Canton Nissan Employee Says She Was Wrongfully Terminated

(Photo: Willie Lenoir standing next to her drug test results from the independent lab.)

CANTON, Miss.- Protesters met outside the Canton Nissan Plant Monday afternoon after a woman says she was wrongfully terminated from her job there.

A group of Mississippi clergy, community leaders and civil rights leaders protested in an attempt to meet with Nissan management demanding immediate reinstatement of union activist and twelve-year Nissan technician Willie Lenoir.

Lenoir, a long-time and outspoken union supporter, traveled to France to speak to the global headquarters of the Nissan/Renault Alliance about Nissan’s unfair treatment to its Canton employees.

Feb. 6, 2015, Lenoir was terminated from her job after Nissan said she tested positive on a drug test that was given to her after she reported being hurt on the job. Drug testing is a standard requirement for anyone injured at work.

Lenoir said, “I took the drug test. I wasn’t worried about it because I don’t do that; I don’t even smoke or drink.”

Lenoir said after learning her drug test results, she had a drug test given to her at an independent lab, in which the test results came back negative.

“I need my job back.” Lenoir said, “I was wrongfully terminated.”

Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan said in a press release, “This is just another example of Nissan singling out vocal union supporters with unwarranted termination or unmerited discipline in order to discourage unionization.”

Nissan security did not let the group inside the plant to speak with management.

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