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Gov. Bryant Concerned with House Vote Stalling Third Grade Reading Gate

JACKSON, Miss. – The Republican controlled Mississippi house voted Tuesday to hold off on the “Third Grade Reading Gate” for another year. The law would make it so third graders would be unable to move on to the fourth grade if they are not able to read on their level.

Rep. Lataisha Jackson suggested to amend HB745, which would exempt students with disabilities from the reading gate, to exempt all students from the reading gate for another year. She argued that the legislature had not provided the funding in order for the program to be fully implemented.

Several Republicans voted in favor of the amendment.

Governor Phil Bryant, who is proponent of the Third Grade Reading Gate, including it in his Governor’s Reform of 2012, believes stalling the Third Grade Gate is a recipe for failure.

“That vote should let everyone know why our educational system has failed and is so abysmal at this point in so many areas. – They just simply said there were too many children that were going to be held back and that we needed to promote these children to the fourth grade anyway,” said Bryant on the Paul Gallo Radio Show.

It is likely the bill will come up for reconsideration.

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