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Great Kindness Challenge

If you want to feel better about yourself and about the world, the Great Kindness Challenge is for you. It started with a mom who wanted to inspire her four and seven year old children to develop empathy. Empathy can be a somewhat ‘abstract’ notion for youngsters, so she came up with a list of 50 easy things to do to make the world a kinder place and engender empathy.

It’s called the Great Kindness Challenge. You’re encouraged to do as many of the acts as you can, in the space of a week.


Choose as many of these as you like and fly your kindness flag.

  •  Smile at 25 people
  • Take a treat to your local firefighters
  •  Do a household chore without being asked
  •  Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  • Take a board game to play at a senior center
  • Read a book to a younger child
  •  Say “Thank you” to a police officer
  •  Entertain someone with a happy dance
  •  Help an elder cross the street
  • Push someone on a swing
  • Pick up trash at the water’s edge
  •  Make a new friend
  •  Write a thank you note to your mail carrier
  •  Walk a dog (or cat!)
  •  Plant a tree
  •  Say “Hi” to a homeless person
  • Learn to say “Thank you” in a new language
  •  Help clean up a park
  • Say “Thank you” to a lifeguard
  • Write a love note to your caretaker
  •  Paint a picture and give it to someone
  •  Host a lemonade stand and donate proceeds
  • Recycle your trash
  •  Hug your sibling or friend
  • Cut out 10 hearts and leave them on 10 cars
  •  Donate needed school supplies
  •  Thank a bus driver
  • Leave a flower on someone’s doorstep
  •  Donate something to an animal shelter
  •  Call your grandma or grandpa
  •  Walk or bike instead of driving
  •  Make a thank you card for your librarians
  •  Thank an elected official for their service
  •  Say “Good Morning” to 5 people
  • Be kind to yourself and eat a healthy snack
  •  Deliver a special gift to a child in the hospital
  •  Draw a heart in the sand or dirt
  •  Send a card or gift to a military family
  • Make a wish for a child in another country
  •  Donate food to a food bank
  •  Hold the door open for someone
  •  Write a happy message with sidewalk chalk
  •  Leave a painted rock on a friend’s doorstep
  • Make sack lunches for the homeless
  •  Compliment 5 people
  •  Make and display a “Kindness Matters” sign
  •  Call a radio station and wish them a nice day
  •  Sweep the sidewalk on your street
  •  Help plant a garden
  •  Create your own kind deed

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