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Group Claims Chicken Abuse in Rankin County, No Humane Laws Broken (Video)

PUCKETT, Miss. – Animal rights group, Mercy for Animals, accuses Koch Foods of abusing their chickens before slaughter. Wednesday the group released footage taken by an undercover worker from inside a Koch Foods farm located in Rankin County and slaughterhouse in Chattanooga Tennessee. The video may be gruesome watch, but no laws were broken since chickens are excluded from the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

The video shows chickens at the Mississippi farm being kicked and violently thrown. The group claims that some chickens even suffer from crippling leg deformities since they are bred to grow so large so quickly.

Shortly after the video was released Chick-Fil-A tried to distance themselves from the company, saying in statement they have not made a purchase from Koch Foods since April 2013.

“The supplier referenced has not provided any chickens to Chick-fil-A since April of 2013,” Kurlander said in a statement emailed to 11Alive News. “As a value-based organization, we strictly partner with suppliers who share in our goal of responsible environmental stewardship, and maintain our values throughout all animal welfare and management practices. We wholly support the humane treatment of all animals and do not condone their mistreatment at any point along the supply chain.”

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