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Hepatitis C: You Could Have It and Not Know It, Health Dept. Has Free Test

JACKSON, Miss.–You could have heaptitis C and not even know it. It’s a disease that could lead to the serious malfunction of your liver and even the end of your life. That’s why the Miss. Dept. of Health is offering a free test this month at your county health department.

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, and you can get tested for both Hep B and C, said a news release from the Health Dept.

If you were born between 1945 and 1965, you’re at the most risk, but anyone can get it.

“Hepatitis C is an important diagnosis to make,” said MSDH State Epidemiologist Dr. Thomas Dobbs. “With the availability of effective treatments for both chronic Hepatitis B and C, diagnosis and awareness are critical to preventing long-term complications of cirrhosis and liver cancer. In fact, Hepatitis C is a leading cause of liver cancer and the number one cause of liver transplants.”

He said since there is no vaccine for Hep C, you should get tested.

A video from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta highlighted how the disease is transmitted.

“Hep C is transmitted through contact with contaminated blood, including shared needles. Even a one-time IV drug use, tattoos, multiple body piercings, sexual partners, that puts people at risk, as well.”

Testing is also recommended for anyone with a history of injection drug use, blood transfusion or organ transplantation prior to 1992, long-term hemodialysis, HIV, signs or symptoms of liver disease, or those born to a mother with Hepatitis C.

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