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Is Your Home Prepared for the Cold?

JACKSON, Miss. – Have you started preparing your home for cold weather? This week, starting Tuesday night, temperatures will be hitting the 20s.

Buddy Slowick is a home repair expert, you may know him from his radio show “Mississippi Handyman” on SuperTalk Mississippi. Slowick says the main concerns for your home are insulation and being cautions heat.

“Strangely enough, one thing that people don’t do. They don’t make sure their doors and windows are locked. The lock actually pulls the weather stripping tighter to the door and the window,” said Slowick.

He also says to check the edges of your doors to make sure there is no air getting through. If that is the case, something is obviously out of line, and fixing that will give you more insulating value.



When it comes to heating your home Slowick says it is pretty dangerous to use something besides a heater. Something like a gas stove can produce carbon monoxide can be deadly to you and your family.

“I always tell people, just be careful with alternate heat. Every time you use one, if you have an older one, make sure there is oxygen coming into the house. Have a window open just a hair. The new ones have sensors on them so they are easier to use.”



When preparing for colder weather outside of the home you need to make sure you have any exposed water pipes covered, because they can freeze and will burst.



Lastly, if your car is not in a garage, you need to make sure that you have antifreeze in your car.

“It keep the water inside the radiator from freezing, or the water which keeps your engine cool from freezing. That is vitally important because it can ruin your engine.”



Mississippi weather is expected to heat back up Thursday.






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