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Honoring veterans, finding them jobs

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As Veterans return home from serving their country they are often faced with the task of finding work outside of their service specialty, and this might not be an easy thing to do. 

That’s were Veterans Affairs (VA) and Veterans Services come in handy. These organizations provide outlets for veterans to access as they settle into civilian life.

“Some of them struggle with their health because combat veterans come back from a combat zone,” said Don Malin, the veteran outreach specialist for the Vet center in Jackson. “They are dealing with the physical injuries that they got wherever they were.”

Malin said that these vets often undergo physical rehab or are prescribed medications to help with recovery that prohibit them from holding certain positions.

“Employers might hire veterans but over the last 8-10 years they may get deployed several times and small businesses have a hard time being able to let their employees go multiple times, so they may end up not hiring veterans,” said Malin.

Through the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, Veterans Services help with job searches, education, housing, and other resources.

“Often times looking for a job and not being able to find it, or find something that they want can be discouraging,” said Malin.

He encouraged all veterans to come to the center and talk to someone who can help direct them to a good employment option.


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