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Hurricane Season Starts Sunday

BILOXI, Miss. — Hurricane season beings this Sunday and Mississippi Emergency Management leaders want to make sure you are prepared. They held a press conference at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Thursday. MEMA spokesperson Greg Flynn says this year meteorologist are predicting an average or below average number of storms for this year.

” People can’t really take stock into that, because it only takes one. You need to be prepared, and you need to take every storm seriously. When they say it is going to be a quieter year is when we get nervous,” said Flynn.

For hurricane season, if you live on the coast, it is important to know what evacuation zone you live in so if county officials say it is time to go, whether it is voluntary or mandatory, you can heed those warnings. Also, you should already have a plan in place for where you are going to go if an evacuation does take place.

“Psychologically, if you are prepared ahead of time and a warning comes out, you are going to be so much more ahead of the game and there will be so much less stress on you if you know what your plan is. You just have to execute it.”

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