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Inspection Stickers: A Bill That Would Repeal Having to Have Them

JACKSON, Miss.–If you don’t like having to shell out that five bucks per year for an inspection sticker, or you can’t get one because your windshield has a crack, you might be glad to know there’s a move to do away with having to have one.

Mississippi lawmakers will consider a bill in the House (HB104) and Senate (SB2266) that would repeal the current inspection sticker laws.

“That program costs the Dept. of Public Safety,” said DPS Deputy Commissioner Ken Magee. “We have ten employees that administer that program and we spend about $90,000 to $100,000 per year on the production of the stickers and things such as that.”

Magee said that even though it’s a money loser for the Dept. of Public Safety, he worries about the safety factor should the law be repealed.

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