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Kill Bill Day: Governor Vetoes Four Bills, Including the Bill to Nix Common Core

Jackson, Miss– Governor Phil Bryant has vetoed four bills that could bring the legislators back to the Capitol to re-group on what would have become laws Thursday. 

What could be the most argued bill of the session, the “Anti-Common Core Bill,” was vetoed because Governor Phil Bryant says the bill didn’t do enough to completely eradicate Common Core in Mississippi.

“I remain firmly committed to ending Common Core in Mississippi,” Gov. Bryant said. “This bill does not accomplish that goal, and I cannot in good conscience sign it into law. Had the Legislature maintained the original intent of Senate Bill 2161 as authored by Sen. Videt Carmichael, I would have quickly signed it into law without reservation and announced that Mississippi was ending Common Core and replacing it with standards developed by Mississippians for Mississippians.”

House Bill 1047 would have been a troublesome law, says the Governor’s office in a written statement, because it would create issues for legal tort protection for members serving on government boards.

Senate Bill 2269 would have allowed for more local control over the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, but the governor did not sign it due to concerns over what could have been decreased transparency in the coliseum’s handlings.

Senate Bill 2370 would have addressed how frequently the Medicaid Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee would meet, but another law already has a similar stance on the issue. The bill would also state authority given to the Medicaid Medical Care Advisory Committee, but another bill already addresses that issue as well.

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