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A Lot of Work to Do: Palazzo Says Miss. Delegation Getting Ready to Fight Regulators, Repeal Obama Care

WASHINGTON, D.C.–After last Tuesday’s nation-wide vote that put Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate and strengthened their hold in the House, Mississippi’s Republican Congressional delegation is getting ready to put bills in front of the president that he would likely veto. But, Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-4th Distrist) said Tuesday that may show the American people who’s stopping progress.

Palazzo said he believes Democrats have held up job creation by allowing federal agencies to overregulate.

“We need to rein in these regulators,” he said. “I’m proposing a moratorium on any new regulation and to create a commission to look at every rule that’s on the book and make these regulators justify before it comes back to Congress for an up or down vote to remove it.”

He said he believes that regulations are the number one obstacle to job creation.

“That’s the reason why the cost of everything has gone up and will continue to go up and why wages won’t catch up if we allow these regulators to keep doing what they’re doing, cart blanche.”

He said he believes the election was an “outright rejection of the direction the president has taken this nation”.

Palazzo also said the House and Senate will make another push to repeal Obama Care and will take another shot at getting the Keystone XL pipeline going.

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