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Man Escapes Newton County Jail for Third Time

DECATUR, Miss.- An inmate who has escaped incarceration twice before is now on the loose again. Gary Goss escaped from the New County jail once in October, then again in November, and now he is loose again since April 18th.
Sheriff Jackie Knight explained that Goss keeps getting out through a small opening in the ceiling about 16 to 18 inches wide. But not to worry, the Sheriff personally guarantees that no one will ever escape again through that hole.

“We’re gonna put up rebar to where they can’t get to the place where they can jump through the outside,” Sheriff Knight told WTOK.

The first two times he escaped, he received misdemeanor charges, but this time he will receive felony escape charges, which carries another five years day for day.

“We’re going to put him in a lockdown cell,” said Sheriff Knight. “He will be out one hour a day and no one else will be there with him to assist him. It will just strictly be him. We have to let him out an hour a day. He will be out an hour a day by himself.”

Knight also added that two other inmates in the jail have been charged with accessory to escape.

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